Delhi to Bangalore: Day 3 (Travel to Nagpur)

Today, I reached Nagpur. Nagpur is the third largest city of Maharashtra and the major one in the Vidarbha region. The city is named after the river Nag. Nagpur has Human existence traced back to 3000 years.

The route from Sagar to Nagpur passes through Narsinghpur, Lakhnadon, and Seoni cities which are part of Madhya Pradesh (MP). I also crossed over Pench National Park (MP) and Bhander Range Forest (Maharashtra). When The road crossing Lakhnadon goes from a forest area and is scenic. Hey!, and you know somewhere in the south of Sagar, I also cross the Tropic of Cancer (the imaginary line on earth).

I made only one stop for breakfast at Bala Ji Rajasthani Dhaba. To my surprise, I got one of the best tea I had in recent times.

Overall, the riding comfort was really good today. It was a bit cold when I started from Sagar, but then after 10:00 AM, it was fine. Nagpur is hot compared to Sagar, so I have to layer down my clothes. Today’s travel time was seven hours and a distance of 412 km.

Tomorrow, I will be reaching Hyderabad.