Delhi to Bangalore: Day 2 (Travel to Sagar)

Today, I planned to reach Sagar, my next stoppage. Sagar in the north-central region of Madhya Pradesh. Sagar city was founded by Udan Singh in 1660. The city got its name because it was built around the large and once beautiful lake.

From Gwalior, you have to travel on National Highway 44 (NH44), reach Jhansi followed by Babina, Lalitpur. These places are part of Uttar Pradesh. Malthone is the first town after re-entering Madhya Pradesh.

I started around 10:30 AM from Gwalior and reached out-skirts of Sagar around 3:00 PM. the route from Gwalior to Sagar is good, with a scenic view on the way. To reach Sagar city, I took NH146. Gadpahra Fort is the fort that lies between NH44 and NH146. The entrance to the fort is from NH146. NH146 road is not in good condition, but you do not have an option.

I have booked a room in Hotel Ramsaroj Palace, which is near Sagar Railway station. It is a big hotel with fine rooms. The staff is cordial and helpful.

In the evening, I took a walk to Gujrati Bazar Road and purchased the famous Chironji ka halwa from Choudhary Misthaan Bhandar. I must tell you it is very delicious and a must try.

Tomorrow, plan to start early and reach Nagpur in the afternoon.